Slide DA’AEM is your Partner for your Business Growth Slide DA’AEM Merchandising Software is the ideal solution for execute & monitor your business with the best technology solutions that support your business growth. Through DA’AEM, you can add an unlimited number of your products, monitor quantities, and generate reports immediately. You can also request the assistance of DA’AEM team who are qualified workforce to help you energizing your sales through an easy, intelligent system to manage your business professionally.
Saudi Arabia is witnessing unprecedented expansion in the number of consumer markets of all kinds, putting FMCG companies and others who need merchandising under high pressure to meet the high and growing demands.
About us
DA’AEM is a Saudi Company established in June 2015 to Satisfy their clients’ demands related to Merchandising & sales services in Saudi Market with high quality solution. Our business in this area aims to help FMCG companies in achieving their goals and ambitions. By serving all around the kingdom with our rapidly growing workforce and our key partners, we call ourselves “partners of business growth”.
In the World of Merchandising, efficient business execution is the key to success in maintaining a Competitive Advantage
Our Merchandising services will help you to energize your sales and sustain your market share for having new sales opportunities. DA’AEM will helps you get quick information about any new competitors’ activities with the help of our professional teams and intelligent system that performs the following tasks


Instant Live Reports

Product Status Reports
Inventory Reports
On Shelf Availability (OSA) Reports
Product Freshness Reports
Share of Shelf (SOS) Reports
BDA Reports


Merchandising Needed Documents

Business Contract with market


List of approved items in the market


Energizing Sales Services

Our Supervisors

They are professional, experienced, and highly motivated. Our supervisors are the main reason to have a good team of merchandisers. They train them and coach them from time to time. They not only instruct the merchandisers, they actively take part in the activities and lead their teams in the field.

Our Merchandising Team

Our merchandisers are our backbone. They undergo a process of selection and then, they are trained by a sophisticated training system. They portray our philosophy by carrying every task in a collective way as per our SOPs. Hundreds of our merchandisers are working in the markets, wearing our shirts and serving our customers.

DA’AEM system is the Ideal solution to Manage your Business and Team in ONE PLACE


Merchandising Application

It is an effective application with friendly interface to help merchandising

team in the field as following:


To get daily tasks with the location of the Market and to collect data from the markets while performing different activities.


To schedule new tasks, to monitor the operation team, and evaluate the merchandisers



Every Activity is tagged with the GPS location of the Market

GPS Navigation to the Markets

Offline Data Collection in case of a weak network

It allows the merchandiser to view the Merchandising needed

Documents i.e. planogram, Clients’ Contracts with the POS


Merchandising Web System

It is an effective application with friendly inIt is a comprehensive system, integrated with merchandising application to allow our clients to manage and monitor their products in each point of sales.


It also helps them to schedule tasks for merchandising team and to generate live reports about merchandising activities on a single platform.



Separate accounts for Managers, Supervisors and Merchandisers

Easy interface to add and delete your point of sales

It enables you to manage the availability of your products in each point of Sales (Must Stock List)

It enables you to manage your Workforce effectively

Easy interface to schedule tasks for your team

Live Product Reports (Product Status, OSA, SOS, Competitor’s Activities, & Inventory)

Live Asset Reports at POSM

Live Performance Reports (Team Performance, Utilization, Route Efficiency, and Coverage)

DA’AEM, your shortcut to success with excellent execution and high efficiency!

Instant live reports
Save cost, time & effort
Competitive prices
Integrated with all Smartphones
Secure & accurate

Our Service Packages


DA’AEM System & Reports

For those companies who need to manage their own teams in field and take advantage of the valid data reports


In-Store Assets Report

The Supervisors control tasks

Store Visits Assurance (GPS Verification)

Merchandising Needed Documents (Contract, Planogram etc.)

Team performance, utilization, coverage & route efficiency reports

Online Reports (Product Status, OSA, SOS, Competitor’s activities, Inventory)


Merchandising Management and Audit

For those who need to get their teams trained & managed by DAAEM and have quality control in the markets.


Generates Daily, Weekly & Monthly & Reports

Managing Field Operations & Work Teams

Provide Everything Related to Coaching & Mentoring the Team

Take advantage of DA’AEM System’s Reports

Monitor Marketplace & Generates Reports 

Providing Solutions to Resources utilization


Merchandising Operations and Sales Solutions

For those companies that want to benefit from Merchandising management & sales solutions.


Sales Re-Order Management Inside the Markets

Merchandising Managements & Sales solutions

Price Tag & Issue Competitor Reports

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports

Cleaning Shelf & Products

Expiry Segregation



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